A legend is reborn as Story Teller returns after almost 40 years. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, this magical children's magazine is triumphantly reborn with old favourites and new characters in fresh adventures that are as magical as those in the original series.


The first Members’ Edition brings back fan favourite Timbertwig, brought to you by original writer and illustrator Peet Ellison. We even managed to bring back original narrator George Layton for old times’ sake. The rest of the publication is pure magic with tales of adventure and high drama, all written, read and illustrated by members of the Story Teller Facebook Group.


  • Editors: Antonio Pineda and Jo Huysamen
  • Designer: Adam Dalton
  • Audio Editors: Marc Checkley, Darren Prescott and Rex Duis.

How to enjoy Story Teller: Members’ Edition

Click on “View Flipbook” and it will open in a new window. You can read it on its own or play and listen to the audio at the same time by clicking on the playlist further down this page.


Antonio Pineda


I don’t recall a story about a phoenix in the original Story Teller but it feels that this, the Members’ Edition, is the story of a phoenix rising from the ashes. It was every Story Teller fan’s hope to see their favourite childhood memory reborn and finally it is here after more than 35 years. True, it is an unofficial rebirth – produced by members of the Story Teller Facebook Group for members, by fans for fans – but the magic is intact. The spellbinding combination of words, pictures, and sound that made the original series so irresistible is waiting for you do rediscover within the pages of the magazine. Of course, it wouldn’t be Story Teller without the audio, and so we have all the stories lovingly narrated complete with enchanting soundtrack, charming sound effects, the unforgettable PING! that tells you when to turn the pages, and not to forget, the catchy Story Teller jingle.

I would like to thank everyone involved in this project: those who volunteered their writing, artistic and voice skills for free. Working with the team of volunteers has been a pure joy. We were all different but we had one thing in common that bonded us in a special way, and that was our great love for Story Teller, a publication that continues to influence and motivate us.

Elsewhere in the magazine, everyone involved is credited as they so richly deserve, but I would like to thank two people in particular, two greats without whom our childhood would have been so different. A big and affectionate “thank you” to Peet Ellison who wrote and illustrated a new Timbertwig adventure for this Members’ Edition, and an equally big and affectionate “thank you” to original reader George Layton for agreeing to narrate the new instalment. This Members’ Edition is a dream come true for all Story Teller fans, but with Peet and George’s participation, it becomes so much more: a priceless treasure we never even dared to find.

Last but not least, I thank Eaglemoss for giving this publication their blessing. They own the rights to Story Teller and we are privileged to be able to use the name and their support.

Enter once again the magical world of Story Teller.

Antonio Pineda
Creator of the ST Facebook Group

The Stories

  • The Story Teller Serial: Timbertwig and the Dancing Clothes
    Peet Ellison’s iconic and hugely popular character returns with all his friends from Wiggly Wood. When they attend the Annual Dance, it is not long before hilarity ensues!
  • Famous Fables: The Peacock and the Magpie
    Beauty can only take you so far, as the peacock discovers in this famous reminder from Aesop.
  • Cartoon Heroes: Pip the Water Drop
    What is it like to be a water drop? Let’s ask one, shall we? Pip is only too happy to tell us about his fascinating self.
  • Tales of Today: The Cloud Cook
    High on a cloudy hill, an old lady lived in a crumbling cottage. So begins this enchanting tale about bread made of cloud that gets everyone’s mouth watering.
  • Folk Tales of the World: How Night Came
    At the beginning of time, there was no night, only daytime. This folk tale from Brazil explains what changed the status quo.
  • Classic Fairy Stories: The Twelve Dancing Princesses
    What is the mystery behind Princess Emma’s worn out shoes? A soldier sets out to discover with the help of an invisible cloak.
  • Rhymes and Verse: Lunch for my Teacher
    A powerful warning to teachers not to turn up unannounced at a student’s house, especially at around lunchtime!
  • Cartoon Heroes: Bubble and Squeek
    The importance of disposing plastic in the right way is the theme of this underwater adventure featuring two well-loved Story Teller alumni.
  • The Wonderful World of Animals: Zebra or Giraffe?
    Would you rather be a zebra or a giraffe? A wild horse has to decide and his choice has unexpected consequences.
  • Tales of Today: Friendship in the Park
    When a young girl sees that a boy in a wheelchair is prevented from enjoying the park, she decides to do something about it.
  • Folk Tales of the World: The Battle of the Crabs
    Both amusing and tragic, this folk tale from the Philippines tells of a group of crabs who live neither on land nor in the sea.
  • Great Myths and Legends: Odysseus
    Odysseus and his crew encounter wonder and danger on a mysterious island on their way back home to Ithaca.
  • Rhymes and Verse: Lawton the Lion
    A miracle is required to save the zoo from closing down and Lawton the Lion just might be the one to provide it.
  • Timbertwig and the Dancing Dress: Peet Ellison
  • The Peacock and the Magpie: Caroline Usasz
  • Pip the Water Drop: Jo Huysamen
  • The Cloud Cook: Rebecca Harrison
  • How Night Came: Fiona Botham
  • Lunch for My Teacher: Jo Huysamen
  • TheTwelve Dancing Princesses: Michael Sharmon
  • Bubble & Squeek: Deborah Breen
  • Zebra or Giraffe?: Chris Signore
  • Friendship in the Park: Jo Huysamen
  • The Battle of the Crabs: Antonio Pineda
  • Odysseus: Nicola Ni Craith
  • Lawton the Lion: Kathy Schmidt-Trajkovski
  • Timbertwig and the Dancing Dress: George Layton
  • The Peacock and the Magpie: Scott Allsop
  • Pip the Water Drop: Jo Huysamen
  • The Cloud Cook: Marie Gilbert
  • How Night Came: Fiona Botham
  • Lunch for My Teacher: Jo Huysamen
  • TheTwelve Dancing Princesses: Michael Sharmon
  • Bubble & Squeek: Scott Allsop
  • Zebra or Giraffe?: Kenny Ellaway
  • Friendship in the Park: Simon Painter
  • The Battle of the Crabs: Jot Davies
  • Odysseus: Charles McVey
  • Lawton the Lion: Frank Courtney McGowan
  • Introduction: Graeme Johnston
  • Timbertwig and the Dancing Dress: Peet Ellison
  • The Peacock and the Magpie: Chris Signore
  • Pip the Water Drop: Amanda Elizabeth Morrison
  • The Cloud Cook: Andi Dawson
  • How Night Came: Mat Spencer
  • Lunch for My Teacher: Shameema Dharsey
  • The Twelve Dancing Princesses: Isabelle Poulin
  • Bubble & Squeek: Peet Ellison
  • Zebra or Giraffe?: Chris Signore
  • Friendship in the Park: JD Black
  • The Battle of the Crabs: Dimitri Roussopoulos
  • Odysseus: Mat Spencer
  • Lawton the Lion: Mat Spencer
  • Story Teller Elf : Adam Dalton